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You don’t just take care of an animal buddy occasionally. It requires a lengthy commitment. Your pet’s prospects of leading a long, healthy life are in jeopardy if you wait until they are ill to have them examined. Instead, put your energy towards maintaining your pet’s health and, whenever possible, avoiding illness and disease. This is the cornerstone of wellness care and one of the most crucial aspects of the long-term health and pleasure of your pet.

Pet Wellness Exams in North Branford, CT

To create a more individualized approach to your pet’s health care, our veterinarians will work with you and get to know your companion. We recognize the individuality of each of your pets and aim to develop a system of care that can accommodate their particular needs.

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Pet Wellness Exams

We’ll be here to give your pet the best care possible from the very first visit and for the rest of their lives. Our wellness care practices can extend your pet’s life as fully as possible regarding what it can do and for how long. Annual physicals are crucial! Many of our younger patients receive yearly exams. However, we advise getting your pet checked out every six months if they are becoming older or have any health issues.

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