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Pet Vaccinations

Several viral and bacterial illnesses are shielded from vaccinations. To safeguard your pet against diseases that are common in your area, Veterinary Associates of North Branford will build up a vaccination program for him or her. Kittens and puppies frequently need an initial vaccine followed by booster doses to ensure they are fully protected against infections.

Pet Vaccinations in North Branford, CT

You may help maintain your new friend’s health by adhering to the recommended vaccine regimen. We also recommend having the parasite levels of all dogs and cats examined twice a year and starting them on a monthly parasite preventive.

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Pet Vaccinations

Regular pet immunizations can avoid many diseases that might harm dogs and cats. Upon arrival at Veterinary Associates of North Branford, we’ll check your pet’s vaccination status and place them on a regimen to ensure ongoing compliance.

Our doctors will review the appropriate course of action for your pet’s vaccination plan based on their age, medical history, lifestyle, and environment. You can bring your cat or dog in for their initial round of vaccinations as early as six weeks.

After your pet receives the initial vaccinations, you must bring them back for boosters approximately every three months.

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