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Pet Soft Tissue Surgery

Our veterinarian staff uses cutting-edge technology, sophisticated procedures, and equipment to perform a wide range of pet surgeries while always upholding the strictest safety and care standards. We offer surgical solutions in a sterile and secure setting.

Pet Soft Tissue Surgery in North Branford, CT

Any queries or worries you may have regarding the surgical procedure, anaesthesia, or post-operative care will be addressed by our team as we work closely with you during the operation. In other words, we don’t scrimp on care or take shortcuts.

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Soft Tissue Surgery

We take great pride in offering cutting-edge veterinary surgical techniques. We believe in using the most advanced medical technologies, and our surgeons have had extensive training. Most soft tissue operations can be performed at our hospital with complete equipment. We know your worries regarding the dangers of anesthesia, and we use the most advanced monitoring technology to ease your fears.

We also understand that having your pet undergo surgery can be distressing. To give your pet the finest care possible, we want to reassure you that they are in good hands.

Spays and Neuters

We provide general surgery, specialist operations, lump and bump removal, and spay and neuter procedures. Please schedule a meeting with our staff right away if your pet requires surgery so that you can receive all the information you need. We don’t economize, and we don’t skimp on care. Our staff will accompany your pet every step of the way and is available to address any queries you may have.

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