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Pet Pain Management

Similar to human medicine, we can treat your pet’s pain with a number of drugs both before and after surgery as well as in the event of trauma. In any of the aforementioned situations, we would be happy to talk to you and your pet about your options.

Pet Pain Management in North Branford, CT

Our method of pain control entails anticipating potentially painful treatments, taking precautions to control pain from the beginning, and maintaining control of pain throughout your pet’s treatment and recuperation period.

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Pet Pain Management

In animals, effective pain management aids in the promotion of healing, just as it does in people. We know that pain inhibits healing; recovery is impeded when the body is suffering. Increasing mobility generally starts with alleviating your pet’s pain.

Other veterinary methods for treating injuries or recovering from surgery frequently emphasize rigorous cage rest and may disregard pain management. Chiropractic, laser therapy, and rehabilitation plans are additional tools and methods that have been demonstrated to aid pets in recovering from injury or surgery more quickly. 

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