Welcome new clients.

While some pet owners have been visiting us for years, others are new to the area or are only now learning about the outstanding care delivered by Veterinary Associates of North Branford.

For those new clients, we want to give you a warm welcome from the bottom of our heart! It’s the wonderful pets and pet owners of North Branford, CT and beyond that inspire our work here and we’re so glad you’ve chosen to join us.

If you have any questions or concerns about your appointment please call the hospital at (203) 481-4238. We look forward to meeting you and your family member soon.

In order to make your first visit with us a success,
we’ve outlined what you can expect from your first visit with us.

When you visit, please be prepared to share in-depth information regarding your pet’s health, including but not limited to medical history, vaccination history, eating and drinking habits and especially anything abnormal that may be the reason for your visit with us. Your previous veterinarian can send us this information, or you can bring it to us directly to include within your pet’s newly established record with Veterinary Associates of North Branford.

You’ll always be greeted with a warm welcome when you arrive. You’ll start checking in with our receptionist, who will ensure you’ve been registered in our system and that we have any paperwork or medical records required to move forward with your appointment.

If you’re nervous about your pet entering a new location or if they have behavioral problems which could impact the visit, we encourage you to call ahead of your appointment with us.

Once your appointment begins, we’ll take time to answer any questions you may have and of course, to get to know your pet! We deeply believe that by taking the time to listen to the needs of your pet, we can get to know them better and ultimately deliver more successful outcomes.

We’ll process a comprehensive overview of your pet, checking weight, eyes, nose, ears, teeth and listening to the heartbeat of your pet as well. We’ll also check your pet’s skin, coat and abdomen to determine if there are any irregularities regarding the health of your pet. Additionally, we conduct yearly blood work on all patients during their wellness exams.

If we do recommend any tests, we can achieve the majority of results rapidly on-site with our in-house laboratory. In some scenarios, we will send results to our partners at Idexx Laboratories.

We also believe that information empowers pet owners to be the best care providers they can be. We have provided a medical library on this page to ensure you have all the information you need on up-to-date advancements in the field and ways that you can enrich the life of your pet while at home.

Simply search the medical library for ‘Dogs’ or ‘Cats’ and enter a keyword/topic that best suits your search.

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