Veterinary care you always trust.

Veterinary Associates of North Branford operates around several core principles; dedication, reliability and kindness. Each helps us to better serve both pets and their owners, ensuring a long and happy life for your pet.

We believe that by providing outstanding veterinary care at competitive prices, pet owners can better care for their pets with regular visits, effectively ensuring that they’re able to enjoy optimal health and wellness for years to come while prioritizing preventative care as well.

By revolving around these core principles, we’ve been able to thrive, expand and strengthen the bond between us and your pets at every opportunity that arises.

Please read more about each of these core principles below.

Veterinary Associates of North Branford’s
core principles of veterinary service.


Our dedication is truly to delivering better patient outcomes that allow you to enjoy a full, rich life with your pet. We emphasize preventative care techniques wherever possible to minimize common issues and ensure your pet is on the road to optimal health. Our dedication to personal care allows for a friendly atmosphere where patients know our veterinary staff by their first name, and you can be completely at ease while under our care.


When you need veterinarians with years of accrued experience who are prepared to deal with issues both big and small, you need our tightly-knit veterinary team at Veterinary Associates of North Branford. Dr. Osorio and Dr. Almo have each cultivated their approach toward client-centric care over the course of decades, so you know that you’re in good hands each time you visit. We’re here Monday through Friday, and even on Saturday too! We’re dedicated to being a reliable destination for pet care when you need it most.


Just like people, pets can pick up on energy and the atmosphere in any environment. We are currently working toward becoming a Fear Free practice, which emphasizes a nurturing environment and alleviating stress wherever possible. We make sure to maintain a kind and enriching atmosphere during our daily operations, so both pets and their owners can feel calm and stress free while they visit.